Hampshire Business - Life after Small Business Server

Hampshire Business - Life after Small Business Server

Life after Microsoft Small Business Server

There really was a time when Microsoft's Small Business Server product was the only game in town for  businesses who had a server and a small network of PCs.  It really did provide everything that you needed including document management, email services, network control and security, Internet access etc.  All you needed was a small server with some hard disk space and Microsoft's SBS.

Remembering the business IT industry shock

The product line started way back in the day in October 1997 under the name "Back Office Small Business Server 4.0" and had six major updates in the next 14 years to keep it front and centre in the business IT arena.  Then came the big bombshell, in mid-2012, that the product would be discontinued and it was withdrawn from sale in June of the next year.  At BTP, we still remember the shock within the industry at the news.  Especially since it was going to be replaced by a combination of Microsoft Windows Server and that new-fangled Microsoft Office 365 product.

But now Office 365 is commonplace and accepted

Wind forward three or four years and one might wonder what all the fuss was about.  Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Windows Server, working together, are now the standard business email, document and system management products for small to medium businesses in Hampshire.  Email can be accessed far more easily, online, on mobile, or on laptops or desktops and company data is securley available from wherever you are - at home, at work, on holiday - anywhere.  Microsoft Small Business Server was the go-to product for business systems, but it had its time and Office 365 really is a worthy replacement.

Of course, there are many companies still running Microsoft Small Business Server and BTP are still able to help, either to maintain your systems or, if you wish, to migrate you to something new. 

Ask BTP about Microsoft Office 365 in Hampshire

If you're considering Microsoft Office 365, either as a new business or if you're thinking of migrating from Microsoft Small Business Server - give BTP a call.  We are Microsoft Silver Cloud Partners with qualified Microsoft engineers who will be able to lead you through everything you need to know about the ugrade of your system.

Call us now on 02380 652111.  We'll be please to help!