Hosted IT Services vs. Traditional On-Premise Solutions

Hosted IT Services vs. Traditional On-Premise Solutions

So what's the difference between hosted IT services and on-premise?

Whether to host your IT system in the Cloud or not is a decision a lot of businesses are faced with today. Cloud-based or Hosted solutions seem to be what everyone is talking about nowadays when it comes to your IT services. Hosted IT services can include a Cloud-based server, hosted email or other hosted applications. Here are some definitions to get us started.

On-premise Solutions

 On-premise solutions are those that are deployed in the traditional manner. Servers are acquired, operating systems are installed along with any other software or hardware that might be involved. An on-premise solution lives on your premises; within your four walls. The servers may well be virtualised, but the physical host is still there. To a degree, you are responsible for them. You may outsource management to a local IT support company, such as ourselves, but you still provide the physical security for the server and the electricity required to keep it running.

Hosted Solutions

Hosted IT services are those that a service provider, such as BTP, offers you within a datacenter or other facility. They are usually contracted for a period of time and are built for you specifically. The "hosts" are responsible for your server. If it's hosted in a datacenter, they provide the electricity and physical security so you don't need to worry.

Which is best?

Whether an on-premise solution or hosted IT services are right for you is a tricky question. If you want to future-proof your business, hosted solutions are probably the right option. Some businesses may be concerned about the security of hosting your server in a datacenter. Datacenters are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide firewalls and other security features on a scale beyond anything you could practically do on your own.

Hybrid Solution

You don't necessarily have to choose between on-premise and hosted IT services. You can pick and choose what works best for you. For example, you could have a physical server on premise for your documents and storage, but use a hosted email service like Office 365 that is in the Cloud. There are times where both options may be better for your business, depending on the circumstance.

This is where BTP come in

We will help you make the best decision for your business - whether to have an on-premise solution, use hosted IT services, or to mix and match between the two and perhaps have a hosted email service but an on-premise server. We have supplied many of our customers across Eastleigh, Southampton and the rest of Hampshire with both solutions and have a wealth of knowledge behind us.

If you're based in Hampshire and would like to discuss hosted IT services such as hosted email or an on-premise solution, please give BTP a call on 02380 652111.