Top 20 useful tech products for businesses

Top 20 useful tech products for businesses

BTP installs all kinds of IT hardware and software every day for clients throughout Hampshire.  In doing so, we come across all kinds of technology - some of which is pretty useful.  Here's our top 20 useful tech products of the moment.  Some of these are pretty amazing and some of are just very, very useful.

1. Google Draw

If you want to put some diagrams in a company document, but you're not the best at drawing - this product is for you.  Just sketch roughly what you want and Google will do the rest.












2. Portrait Professional

If you want to look your best in those company website pictures, give yourself a helping hand with this £30 piece of software.  You don't need any software editing skills - the program will do it all for you!  Here's one we made earlier!

 3. Superscreen

Your smartphone is probably too small to use for a business presentation.  In that case, you need "Superscreen" - a new tablet-sized screen which mimics to what you see on your iPhone or Android phone.  It's out soon. 

4. Mailinator

If you need an email address quickly, one that you can share with others, Mailinator is the unique online email service.  It's quick and easy and disposable.

5. A tiny PC on a stick

You might not believe it, but nowadays you can get a fully-fuctioning PC on a tiny stick.  It looks a little bit like a Googe Chromecast or an Amazon Fire stick, but it's actually a PC.  Perfect as an add on for boardroom TVs

6. Ring Doorbell

No need for expensive door entry cameras any more.  See who is at your door right from your smartphone or tablet.  You don't even need to be in the building as you can answer your door from anywhere you are - just so long as you have a device connected to the Internet.  People don't even have to ring the doorbell.  Set the proximity sensor so you can "detect" anyone who comes close to your front door. Never miss an important visitor again!

7. Hello Egg

For all you catering types out there - and because we all need a helping hand with cooking sometimes.  Get recipes and tips with voice commands and helpful videos from your own little kitchen partner. Play your music at the same time!

8. Tile 

Never lose the keys to your company car ever again.  Or if you're always searching for your phone, your keys and your wallet on the way out of the door - then you need Tile!  We use them at BTP.

9. iskn

Another one for the artists amongst you.  There's nothing like a drawing done by hand.  Now you can put them in your company documents with this amazing product. 

10. Follow-me selfie drones

 This has to be the coolest tech ever.  If you need high-impact footage for your business videos, this is what you need - a follow-me selfie drone.  There are lots of makes and models to choose from.  You'lll get one for less than £100 if you look really hard.

11. Smartlook

This is great for all you SEO types and people who keep an eye on website visitors.  This web-based product lets you actually see how visitors move around on your website. And it's free! 

12. Glider S-1

Who said that all tech has to be high-tech.  Having difficulty in cleaning the outside of your office windows.  This is what you need.  Simple and effective.  It's a gadget.

13 - Microsoft Surface Studio

There was a time when you had to have a Mac of some kind to have the coolest computer around.  Not any more!  Microsoft hits back - and it uses WIndows!  If you want to be computer top dog nowadays - you need this.

14 - Apple Watch

C'mon, you wouldn't expect us to have a top 20 list of currect tech products without including Apple Watch would you?  Get instant email and text notifications, set yourself reminders, swim, run, guide yourself to your next meeting with maps.  It's a business person's must have. 

15 - HP Sprocket

Decorate your office, take pictures and give them to clients instantly - or just have fun.  HP have come up with a refresh on the old Polaroid instamatic idea for about £100.  Do it from your smartphone!

16 - Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

To get serious for a moment, this is a cool piece of technology that stops hackers accessing your accounts.  Easy and simple to do.  You probably do it already for your bank account or iPhone.  Talk to BTP and we can show you how simple it is to implement a more secure login system using 2FA.

17 - MagCables

There are quite a few makes and models of these simple charge and data cables around.  Makes your phones and tablets easier to connect to - and prevents those moments when you grab your phone forgetting it is plugged in from becoming a screen smashing disaster!  Here's one example.  This is the product that we use at BTP.

18 - Dyson V6

Do you still have to clean the office yourself?  Even just sometimes?  And what about your company cars.  Is your sales rep about to go pick up a client?  You need one of these?  You really do.  AND, at the time of writing, you can get one for about £140 right now.  The quickest way to clean the company stairs ever invented.  It's a great gadget.

19 - Ultrawide monitors

Lots of us have two monitors on our desks.  Helps us work on a document while also looking up things on the Internet - among other things.  Did you know, you can get ONE monitor which is just as wide as two monitors put together, which does the same job?  It's much neater looking, needs less cables and is much cooler - and they're about the same price as buying two monitors!  Lots of makes and models available.  Here's what one might look like on your desk!

20 - August Smart Lock

It's like the comfort entry you have for your car - but for your office or your home.  If you've got your smart phone, the lock will let you in.  No need to get those keys out of your pocket.  You can also open the door remotely without getting up from your desk.  Pair this with the Ring doorbell for a great office entry system.